What is the Mission of the Combi Circulation Pump?

It is the part that has the task of circulating the water in the installation and the boiler, with the command it receives from the electronic card, within the boiler and installation. Circulation pump-motor can also be called circulation pump-motor.

Why Does the Combi Circulation Pump Fail?

It may fail due to loss of its properties due to long-term use, wear of the parts inside, burning of the windings, sediment and sludge occurring in the installation, calcification and lack of maintenance.

What Problems Occur when Combi Circulation Pump Fails?

When there is a problem in the heating system not working, when the heating setting is high but the heaters do not heat up, when the boiler leaks water, when it makes noise, when there is a hot water failure, when the boiler freezes, we may encounter it as defective. We cannot say that the pump is the only reason in such failure cases. A diagnosis can be made by seeing the fault site.